Thoughts on Co-habitation


With all the premarital that’s going on for Kay and I, we usually don’t run into couples that are living together. However, we know that couples making a choice to live together a fairly well-accepted practice. It feels like it’s the intuitive step before getting married. After all, in a culture that disdains risk and commitment, I came across this article that’s worth looking at. It echoes some of the same themes that Mike McManus does in Living Together: Myths, Risks, and Answers.

What Co-habitation Does For Marriage

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Co-habitation

  1. bartosik

    great thoughts Jon and nice link to that article. Sobering thought on why we can encourage our students to avoid this before marriage. Found your site via efca college stuff. I will be working at RCC (EFCA Yorba Linda 🙂 with college students and wanted to see who else was out there! I would love to connect if you ever have the time!

    • jonnitta

      Hi David! I know your name from the recent interview process at Ev. Free. Great that you landed at RCC! Yes, let’s get together! I have since shed my college responsibilities and now am focusing in on the post-college group, but I’m still in it for the next generation. Let’s see if we can get some time together. Let me know what works for yoU! Thanks for responding!

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