Why do we do what we do?


That sounds really confusing…However, it’s important for us to take a moment to reflect on why we have a specific ministry targeting young adults. Of course, it’s a blessing that our church intentionally goes after people who are young and out of college or working in the area. But are there reasons that ground us in the New Testament? Are there examples from previous generations where young adults brought revival and renewal to Christianity? 

As we move toward our “formal” launch of the Young Adult ministry here at Ev. Free Fullerton, I thought it would be helpful if there was a way for people to reference my thoughts on why the group exists. What sounds more general on Thursday nights needs some teasing out so that it’s clearer why we do the things that we do. I want to get after some big ideas like: What’s the big thing that draws us in? How do we actually become the kinds of people that embody this big thing? And then some specific questions like: Why then do we do social events? And what’s the difference between Thursday night and Sunday  morning. 

These are just my thoughts. I will try to ground them in the Scriptures but I’m willing to enter into a discussion about the thoughts I have. Keep checking back here. I will try my hardest to blog frequently! Looking forward to the feedback that people will provide! 

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