Why Easter Is the Best Day Ever!


When I was a kid I used to think that Japanese New Year (January 1st) was the best day ever. Why? It’s because all we did was go from house to house eating food and watching football games. Ok, maybe Christmas was a very close second as a kid because it promoted coveting.

My favorite holiday of the year now? It would have to be Easter hands down. Here are my reasons…

1. Way less commercialism


It’s really hard to jack Easter up with a consumeristic overdose where it has to be bigger and bigger each year! Yes, there are eggs and chocolate bunnies but that in comparison to Christmas feels minor. Think about it…  how many retail stores are there that have door busters on Easter morning?

2. No sleazy or downright scary costumes


Halloween drives me nuts! It’s become the second biggest retail day of the year and for what? People spending incredible amounts of money to dress in ways that are completely inappropriate. Don’t misunderstand me… I love the little kids who dress like Buzz Lightyear and Cinderella but for most people it’s become an excuse to dress like you’re going to a frat party and act the fool… when you’re fifty. Ok, so Easter ring pops with a jack-o-latern was a bad idea…



3. Dying eggs and the easter egg hunt


This was an epic fail. But otherwise, as a kid it was totally fun to dye eggs and then hide for the big hunt afterwards. I remember when I was a kid at church. We were on the balcony looking down into the outdoor courtyard of the church. When people came out of the worship service, from the balcony we launched easter eggs at people like grenades and then took off running. You know to this day, I haven’t told my parents that I did that…

4. Easter steak

Never mind the ham! We don’t have turkey for Thanksgiving so why have ham for Easter? It’s about the steak, baby…

5. The Easter bonnets


I love Easter bonnets! There’s nothing like sitting in church unable to see over the person’s head in front of you because their hat is blocking your view. I’m thinking about making my son wear one this year…





6. Classic church signs


Easter gives churches the creative license to pull out all the stops when it comes to sheer wit on the street marquee. These by themselves will fill the pews…









7. Peeps


Seriously, who came up with this? And how cool of a name is it? Peeps. Marshmallow, corn syrup (sugar), carnuba wax (that’s what you use to wax your car) and food coloring! I actually can’t even eat these things but what other holiday serves up such a confusing confectionary delight?

8. The Cross and Resurrection


This is what Easter is all about! It is the remembrance of Christ’s work in space and time. This is why the gospel is not advice about how to live but rather about what’s been done already. We are gospel people because Christ work on Calvary meant it was no longer about our work. And that is good news! Blessings to you all this Easter!


4 thoughts on “Why Easter Is the Best Day Ever!

  1. Jon, The Lovely Heather will tell you, Easter has been my favorite holiday all my life…
    For just about all the same reasons you gave. But Peeps are waaaaaaay higher on my list.

  2. jonnitta

    Sorry. I should have numbered them in reverse. I was trying to end with Easter as being the number one reason why it’s my favorite holiday.

    • TyHoad

      NOW I think we’re actually both in sync!
      But honestly, after #1 and #2 — I’m so blissfully unaware of all the other stuff… 🙂

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