Taking Back Holidays and Culture Through Cheese…


With Halloween so close, Christians have this weird neurosis going on that we have to redeem culture and every holiday by marketing cheesy stuff. I read on a website that one group’s way to redeem Halloween was to put a Christian tract  (you know those really bad cartoon-like tracts?) in each kids’ bag when they come knocking on your door for candy.

That got me thinking more broadly. A few years ago some of us had a great discussion over the summer about art and beauty and the subject of kitsch came up. Why is there such a fascination with creating kitschy “stuff”? Of course, we had to explore things like Precious Moments (my favorite) while asking if this really was art. So the more I started exploring recently, the more I realized just how much is out there! It’s like there’s a contest who can come up with the cheesiest most ridiculous product. Here’s just a few (thanks Cracked)…

This is Ketzel the Cat Menorah. menorahChanukah is just around the bend so why not modernize the holiday a bit? When I think of this wonderful Jewish holiday, I tend to associate it with cats. I know what I’m getting my friend Sam Rood this year!







When I think of the ten plagues that were unleashed on Egypt, plaguesI would like some toys to remind me. These are the Ten Plague of Egypt toy. Maybe they function a little like voodoo dolls so if I put the “flies” in my brother’s room, he would suffer from an infestation.  In addition, there’s something about plagues that just warms my heart that makes me want to play with them…






How does Luke 6:38 read? “Give and it will given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” gumIt’s called You Measure Up gum. This is kind of like Big League Chew gum but the connection to Jesus’ words are obscure at best. Plus, I think Jesus wasn’t really saying you measure up… Bad exegesis, and really bad for your teeth…






I dunno. When I saw this I seriously felt like it was a bit narcissistic. It’s called Looking Good for Jesus. lookin_goodI get the fact that we should practice hygiene. C’mon, no one wants the person next to them in the pew and have them reek of B.O. the whole worship service. This not only felt kitschy but it felt over the top as well. I’m not sure if this is a good thing for kids to learn at an early age that how you look matters to God. God does love everyone unless you are a slob…






This could be my favorite. Are you tired of how the devil gets all the fun on Halloween? UnknownIt’s time for us to take the night back! So someone came up with something they called a Take Back Halloween Christian t-shirt. I like how the pumpkin face is not scary but smiling instead.  But then when you look at the Bible passage you realize something. There is no Mark 27. I’m not sure what they were getting at here but they have the same shirt with a John 22:52 on it. Again, there’s no such chapter! What we should take back is not letting people put Bible verses that don’t even exist on t-shirts.


I’m sure there’s tons more out there and your additions are always welcome.


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