Some Thoughts on Gratitude


Here are a few thoughts on gratitude from a few years ago. Happy Thanksgiving!

A pastor's pensees

vintage-thanksgiving-autumn-background-happy-text-33330589This time of the year, it’s appropriate to give thanks, to express gratitude. I think we all are aware that it’s not primarily about what you have but expressing gratitude for what you do have. And so, in the spirit, of this time of year, here are a few thoughts to ruminate on about gratitude.

First, expressing thanks is not only a command (there are 45 separate commands to give thanks in the Psalms) but it’s a virtue, a internal character trait that helps a person do well in life. If you doubt that then look at people who simply gripe about everything. Exactly… being around people like that gets incredibly draining. So gratitude is something that we should cultivate in our lives all year round and not just one part of the year.

Second, and maybe this is intuitive, gratitude is something that is directed toward someone outside of…

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